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Located in Beijing, Beijing Jinzai Lingjuli Information Technology Co., Ltd (“Lingjuli” for short) is an internet-based international talent provider. Lingjuli is dedicated to more convenient, reliable service through strengthening international high-quality personnel services and accelerating the integration of talent and the Chinese market.

Founder and CEO of Hioffer

Jinli Zheng

Former CEO of 91Waijiao,General manager of TAL-LeWaijiao

E-mail: zheng@hioffer.com

Media Report

From recruitment to B2B service provider, how will Waijiaoyi help offline education companies with their online business?

September 8, 2017

General manager of Hioffer created a supply chain of teachers to China

April 18, 2017

【Open Talk】 Founder of Hioffer, Zheng Jinli, talks about business

April 21, 2017

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