Service Agreement

1.Hioffer provides foreign teacher recruitment services via internet through the Hioffer website helping people who are looking for a job online or in China to establish connection with Chinese employers.

2.Users must provide authentic personal information when registering on Hioffer. Hioffer shall not be liable for any problems or consequences arising from false information. The information safety of Hioffer users is geared to Hioffer’s privacy statement.

3.Hioffer staff are not allowed to ask users for any kind of confidential information, such as the Hioffer password or any other login passwords of other websites at any time in any way.

4.In any of the following circumstances, Hioffer reserves the right to unilaterally interrupt or terminate services without notice to you if unauthentic personal information is provided or any of the service terms/agreement is violated by you.

5.Hioffer needs to maintain the network platforms or relevant equipment on a regular or irregular basis; therefore, Hioffer won’t be held accountable for the suspension of network services during a reasonable time period in such circumstances. However, Hioffer ought to inform users of the suspension beforehand as far as possible in advance.

6.Employers and foreign teachers establish communication through the Hioffer website. The two sides cooperate completely independently regarding related matters; therefore, Hioffer is not responsible for the results of communication. Hioffer does not guarantee a foreign teacher will be contacted nor does Hioffer guarantee employment of any kind.

7.Foreign teachers should make sure they have expertise and/or experience in their own professional fields and provide the relevant materials that demonstrate their expertise in a certain fields. Foreign teachers are not allowed to provide employers services that are beyond their fields and expertise. Conflicts arising from any breach of the clauses should be handled by users.

8.The establishment, implementation, interpretation and settlement of conflicts must conform to laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. Please refer to the applicable laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China if any clause of this agreement contradicts any of them.