Privacy Statement

This privacy statement protects the privacy of Hioffer visitors and registered users. As our scope of services expands, we will update our privacy statement whenever we think is necessary. By agreeing to the Hioffer Service Agreement, you have granted us the permission to use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Terms of this privacy statement pertain to the aforementioned agreement.

Username and Password

If you intend to register on Hioffer, we ask that you select a username (e-mail address) and password. You can log on your account via your password. If you share your personal username and password to others, you might lose your personal identification information, which may cause adverse consequences to you. The user shall be fully responsible for the confidentiality of his or her password.

Personal Information Collection

When registering on our website, you will be required to provide a series of basic information, such as your name, gender, age, nationality, location, educational background, personal profile, photo, video, e-mail address, phone number, etc.

Use of Personal Information

We obtain the statistics of all our members based on the registration information and classify the members based on the statistics, such as age, profession and country. In this way, we are able to provide new services and opportunities to our members in a more targeted manner. We will inform you of these new services and opportunities through your e-mail address. We also provide advertisements based on the statistical data. We will not lease or sell users’ personal information to any third party without permission.

Disclosure of Personal Information

For those foreign teachers who register on Hioffer, Hioffer employers have access to their public “Resume” and are able to contact them through private messages on the Hioffer platform or by other means noted by the registered user.

Modification and Deletion of Personal Information

You can modify your personal information and “Resume” on Hioffer. Nobody is entitled to change or delete the information released on Hioffer but the person who releases the information himself or herself. Hioffer can keep, modify or delete any inappropriate information based on its judgment.


We track the IP address with the purpose of identity verification, transaction authenticity, safety concerns, etc. We also track the number of daily visitors to Hioffer. This number reflects the flow to our website so that we are able to make plans for future development (for instance, increasing our servers). We will classify our users based on other data that come from your transactions for the purpose of providing new services and opportunities in a more targeted manner.

Automatic Information Collection

Hioffer might automatically receive and record information on your browser and computer, including your IP address, software and hardware information, etc.

The Use of Cookies

Cookies contain a small amount of data which will be sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies to store data about your visit to our website. In this case, we are able to identify you when you pay future visits to Hioffer and provide better services for you based on data analysis. You are entitled to choose to receive or reject information from cookies through modifying the setting of your browser. However, we need to remind you that if you reject this, you might not be able to use some of the Hioffer features that rely on cookies.

Protection of Minors

For those who are under 18 years old, they are not entitled to use our services. Therefore, we hope that minors don’t offer any personal information to us unless approved by parents or guardians.