For Foreign Teachers

General Questions

1.What is the process?

Register with a valid email address.

Profile Approval
Fill in your basic information. After Hioffer's Administrator's approval, your profile will be visible online by Chinese schools, individuals, and companies.

Chinese employers can add you as contact and send you messages through the platform to initiate communication. You can also check the Latest Jobs and add the employers as a contact so you can message them directly and express your interest to work with them.

Schedule an Interview
You and your potential employer can initiate messaging through Hioffer to schedule an interview and/or demo lesson.

Discuss job details, sign the contract, and start working!

2.Do you need to pay for Hioffer's services?

It is free for individual foreign teachers to register, create profiles, get connected with Chinese schools and companies.

3.Who are the Chinese employers on Hioffer?

The Chinese employers on the platform are:

Public schools
International schools
After-school tutoring centers

The educational employers have students ranging between hundreds to thousands. Meanwhile, there are also a small number of individuals in the system. Hioffer has authenticated and verified their information/business. Not all employers can be seen online by foreign teachers.

4.Is there a limit to the job offers a foreign teacher can take?

There is no limit on Hioffer for the amount of offers you receive. See question #5 for more information.

5.I am currently a Teacher working for another tutoring company. Is this a problem?

Each of our employers will have different rules about working for other companies; however, it is a general idea that if you accept an offer from a company in China you should not be working for any other Chinese company online or offline.

6.Does everyone registered get employment opportunities?

Depends. If your profile isn’t complete and your hourly rate is too high, perhaps you will not be contacted by a Chinese employer. If no one contacts you, consider completing your profile and updating your photo and video.

Registering and Your Profile

1.Is a video required?

No. But if you want to stand out, we recommend you create a short video. We want to know more about you, your personality, your pronunciation, and your English skills. First impressions are important so take the time to make a great video. It increases your chances of being contacted greatly!

2.Can I upload my degree and teaching certificate in PDF format?

No. We accept photo format ( jpg, jpeg, png, gif) only. If you have multiple degrees or certificates, please remember to choose the latest one to upload. Only one degree and one teaching certificate are evaluated. After the Administrator accepts your upload, a badge will be given on your profile page, which helps earn more trust from employers & more job opportunities.

3.My video won’t upload. What do I do?

If you have trouble with your video upload, contact your administrator by email at

4.When I receive messages on the Hioffer platform, will I receive a notification on my personal email account?

Yes. You can uncheck this option in your profile if you do not want to receive notifications.

5.How do I delete my profile?

To delete your profile, please contact your administrator by email at

6.What’s the next step after my profile is approved.

• Login regularly to stay active and check your messages from employers.

• Check “Latest Jobs” and apply directly.

7.I’m still at university/college. Can I register to be a teacher through Hioffer?

Most of our employers require a Bachelor’s degree (or global equivalent) from a university as a minimum requirement. If you are currently in progress to getting your first university degree, please register with us as our employer’s minimum requirements can vary.

Getting a job

1.I want to work in China. Will the employer help me with the visa process?

Yes. In most cases, you should get assistance from our selected employer or Hioffer.

2.After my profile is complete and accepted, how long does it take for the Chinese employers to contact me?

Once your profile is completed and approved, you should be contacted within a week. As our employer database grows, the contact time could be less; however, we do not guarantee that you will be contacted.

3.I haven’t received any messages from any employers. What do I do now and how can I make my profile stand out?

If you have been online and approved for more than a week, consider updating your profile. We suggest:

• Login to the Hioffer platform often. When you login, the employers can see that you are active. You can also click the Go on Top button to go to the top of the list of foreign teachers.

• Complete your profile with a great photo, video, and summary. The most important element is the first picture. It is all about the first impression!

• Set a fair hourly rate

4.An employer added me as a contact. How can I message them?

Once the employer adds you as a contact, you can mutually message each other directly.

5.Is it possible to contact employers?

Yes. At the top of the webpage, click on “Latest Jobs”. Here you will see career opportunities which you can directly apply for as well as add employers as a contact to message them.

On the Job

1.Are teaching materials provided for my lessons?

Yes. The teaching materials will be provided by your employer not Hioffer.

2.What platform is used for the online lessons?

The platform you will teach your online lessons will vary from employer to employer. Some have their own system others will ask you to work on Skype or QQ for example.

3.What are the technical requirements I should have?

To use the Hioffer platform there isn’t specific requirements. However, your employer will have specific information about hardware, software and your internet connection speed. In general, you will need a computer (Mac or PC), webcam, headset with microphone, and Minimum 10Mb/1.5mb (down/up) per second.

4.Does Hioffer provide training before I start teaching?

Hioffer does not provide training at this time. Your training will be conducted through your selected employer.

5.What will my schedule be?

Depends. If you were contacted by an employer to work online, you and your employer will discuss what your hours and weekly schedule. Generally, the peak teaching hours are: 5pm – 10pm China time Monday through Friday. On the weekends, from 9am – 9pm China time. If you applied for a job located in China, please review the job description for information and discuss your schedule directly with the potential employer.

6.How to I ask for vacation or time off? Do I get paid for vacation?

Please contact your employer directly to ask for any future time off. Vacation benefits are discussed directly with your employer.

7.What English level are most of the students?

Depends. Most of your students, regardless of age, will have basic conversation ability to advanced.

8.Do I teach students directly on the Hioffer platform?

No. We are a recruiting platform. Your employer will inform you what software or platform to use for your English teaching sessions.

9. Are there any other employment opportunities other than teaching English?

Yes. We are continuously adding different job categories to our employer list. Check the Lastest Jobs section and update your profile to reflect your desired position(s) you are seeking and are qualified for.


1.How am I paid?

You will negotiate your hourly rate with your employer. Once you agree, your payment should be monthly. You will be paid directly from your employer to the agreed method. Usually, your salary will be bank transfer to your preferred bank or through Paypal.

2.What should my hourly rate be?

When you are filling out your basic information, you will need to set your hourly rate. This rate will differ depending on the job position you are seeking and your location. Your rate should be fair for the Chinese market. We suggest that you set it at around 15.00 USD/hour to start for General English teacher.

3.How do I change my per hour rate?

You can update your per hour rate (as well as any basic information), by doing the following:

• Log into your Hioffer account:

• Click on "Resume" on the left side

• Find "Basic Information" and click "Modify"

• Find "Hourly rate" on the page to change to the base rate you want

• Click "Confirm" at the bottom of the screen

If you are having difficulty, please email: for assistance.

4.Can I add a promotional price for a limited time?

No. We do not have this option for teacher profiles at this time.