VR teaching job is hiring

Company Trends   ·      2019-05-22

We are looking for English teachers for our newest VR class! VR teaching is a new teaching method that allows teachers to conduct a class in the pre-set background and interact with multiple classes of students at the same time. This type of teaching will bring a whole new experience of learning English with fun.


1.       Responsibility

Conducting VR classes in the studio, 4 hours per day, 5 days a week.


2.       Working Hours and Location

Tuesday to Saturday, 8:30-18:30. Teaching hours are limited within 4 hours per day.

Work in Beijing Office


3.       Salary & Benefits

• Monthly Salary 18-24k RMB/month

• Z-visa provided

• Full support for life, rent and so on


4.       Job Requirements

• English speakers from US, Canada or UK

• Age: 25 to 30

• Bachelor’s degree or above

• Have at least two years’ teaching experience online or offline

• Have obtained Teaching Certificates like Educator Certificate, TESOL, TEFL, CELTA


Our sample video:



Applicants should prepare CV and one clip of their teaching video and send to yuanzhicheng@waijiaoyi.com


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