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Hioffer is an internet-based international talent provider. It has the broadest source of ESL latest jobs and database of legitimate Chinese companies available worldwide. Being one of the most streamlined job application system, Hioffer brags its exemplary services such as free registration, utmost teachers assistance, efficient hiring process, unlimited online job opportunities, and more! From conversation schools, training centers and institutions for primary to tertiary levels, Hioffer is your best source for online ESL teaching jobs.

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“Hioffer is a perfect place for teachers all around the world. The platform is excellent and it can help you find a job that you like easily. The people working at Hioffer are friendly and will help you find the job you are looking for. On this ocassion, I would like to say a big thanks to everyone at Hioffer.”



“My name is Ana, I registered with Hioffer few weeks ago, the process was easy and fast. Just in few days many agents and schools contacted me without me having to look for a job. After registering, in just a week I got contwcted, set up an interview and got a job offer. Wonderful, safe and reliable. Thank you Hioffer!”



“Hello! My name is Evgeniy. I’m from Russia and I’m 21 years old. I came to China because I like this country and I like Chinese culture. Also, I like languages and want to learn a few of them. Hioffer helped me with everything in China.  They picked me up from the airport in Beijing and took me to their office. After that they booked the hotel, it wasn’t some expensive hotels but it was absolutely normal hotel near the office. After they found a job for me and took me to some interviews and I’ve got a job here. After 3 or 4 days, I settled down and had a job, room in good apartment and new life in different country. Thanks, Hioffer for everything. ”


South Africa

“My name is Rodger and a  few weeks ago I saw a job offer in China. I ask a few questions and was told to register on HiOffer website. I followed the process which took about 20mins. The next day I received a message  from Sunny Sun who made contact with me via Skype. Soon after that Sunny set up some interviews for me and now I’m in a position where I have to decide what offer to take to accept. Not only did HiOffer get me a job online within 3 days of registering but I’m now in a position where I must decide when and where in China I want to work. A very big thank you to Sunny Sun , David Marciel and Mary Blanche Maravilla. My motto in life is “BE SELECTIVE TO BE EFFECTIVE “ . I was selective in choosing HiOffer and it was very effective . ”


United States

I was directed to Hioffer from my colleges career center and the process has been so quick and easy. I want to thank all the different schools that have offered me positions.


South Africa

“I don't have a long story to explain my experience and registering with Hioffer wasn't one either. Simple, easy an efficient. Hioffer is a great company to work for. It is full of amazing and supportive people whom I look forward to growing with. thanks guys, you rock! ”


South Africa

“2 weeks after attending a seminar with Hioffer, my life has changed for the better..Thanks to the team of Hioffer, I have been offered a job!!! Thanks so much for the assistance, answering all my questions, WhatsApp message ect. You guys are truly amazing!!!”


South Africa

“I was looking online for a position teaching English in China and came across Hioffer. A day after registering with them I already started to recieve offers and within no time found a great position that suited all my needs. The recruiter was very helpful and I'm happy to say that I'm going to be leaving for China very soon. Thanks Hioffer”



“I had a great experience using Hioffer.  All I had to do was create a profile, apply for the jobs I liked and wait for companies to contact me.  I would strongly recommend Hioffer to anybody looking to teach English online, it's so easy and simple!”