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Hioffer is a leading job board that connects ESL/TEFL teachers with leading Chinese employers, featuring:


A huge database of legitimate Chinese schools and companies;

One of the most streamlined ESL teaching job application processes in the industry;

Our unique services include relocation assistance, and more!

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Everything is possible.

Hioffer.com is a highly professional organization with talented and friendly people working there. For me, a newly graduated person, it was important to find a company who would support me and whom I could trust.

Having a teaching experience and being in love with Asian culture, I decided to find a job on the Chinese market. And when I started browsing, I quickly found the internet-site of Hioffer.com. It attracted my attention by it’s simplicity and detailed description in info-boxes. Then I tried to register and was shocked how simple it could be. After filling all my personal information, recording a video, I immediately received a message from 1 of the HiOffer’s workers. I like the style of the cooperation between a teacher and the staff, because you feel the support from their side.

Now I’m in China for 1 week and I’m so proud to be the part of this “family”. I was warmly met in BJ and was provided by the room in the hotel for the first time before I find a job position of ESL. Also I like the working process and I appreciate the team’s work, I see that they worry about me.

To sum up, I want to express my gratitude, my thanks to Hioffer.com for let me a chance for becoming a part of this company. I highly recommend this platform for all English teachers; all depends on you and your own choice. Don’t be afraid to change something in your life and try new things. You will never regret, just be astonished and happy working there!



My name is Ana, I registered with Hioffer few weeks ago, the process was easy and fast. Just in few days many agents and schools contacted me without me having to look for a job. After registering, in just a week I got contwcted, set up an interview and got a job offer. Wonderful, safe and reliable. Thank you Hioffer!


South Africa

My interview with Hioffer's client was held on skype and ran very smoothly. The representative of the school who interviewed me was very friendly and helpful. She explained to me in detail about the position, the requirements and the job functions. She answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable which made the idea of relocating to a foreign country much more appealing. During the interview she advised me on what she would require from me to begin my application and I sent it to her on the same day. Throughout the process she continuously updated me on the progress of my application and a few days later she confirmed that the position was mine. She timeously sent the contract through to me as well as the documentation needed for my application of my Chinese visa.

Throughout my experience , both the hi-offer staff member and the representative from China have been warm , helpful and supportive. They have answered all my questions without hesitation, even the silly ones.

I never knew that something as complex as relocating across the world to teach would be such a simple and smooth process. I had assistance every step of the way and the reassurance was very comforting!"


South Africa

I don't have a long story to explain my experience and registering with Hioffer wasn't one either. Simple, easy an efficient. Hioffer is a great company to work for. It is full of amazing and supportive people whom I look forward to growing with. thanks guys, you rock!


South Africa

2 weeks after attending a seminar with Hioffer, my life has changed for the better..Thanks to the team of Hioffer, I have been offered a job!!! Thanks so much for the assistance, answering all my questions, WhatsApp message ect. You guys are truly amazing!!!

Learn English World Online School

United States

Learn English World Online School is proud to be associated with Hioffer. Through Hioffer we received three new clients within a month. We are now in a position to provide teachers and students to our new clients. Thank you Hioffer. In our opinion, Hioffer has operated with the highest standards at all times. We look forward to many working years together and wish your Company every success in the future. Best Regards, The Learn English World Online School (LEWOS) Team.