Looking for ESL teacher in Tianjin of China, Z visa provided

Job Location

Tanggu District, Tianjin, China

Job Status

Work in Office

Job Description

* Teaching children from ages 3-adults
* Helping the students improve the oral English skills and creating the English environment for the students
* Collaborating closely with the teachers to help the students to make the progress
* Interactive, modern teaching facilities
* Class size of 1-6 students

Job Requirements

* Native English speakers
* Bachelor’s degree in any field
* English Language teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL)
* With positive attitude and proactive, willing to learn
*Note*: If you want to apply for this job, it is necessary you provide the following documentation and information in the shortest time possible:
* your CV (Must include a photo)
* your university certificates
* your passport copies

Weekly Working Hours

30-40 hours

Monthly Salary


Other Benefits

* Flight ticket 6000RMB after 1 year contract
* House rent fee 2500 RMB which will afford you a fully equipped apartment (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room) which will be assigned to you before your arrival. The apartment will be close to the school.
* Outpatient and Accident Health Insurance
* Bonus 2000RMB after 1 year contract
* Fully comprehensive curriculum lesson plan and teaching materials provided
* Comprehensive training before you start your duties
* Paid Chinese public holidays
* Legal work visa for teaching
* One time pick up from the airport (From Beijing or Tianjin)
* Once in China, the school will cover the expenses of getting the work and residence permit
* Excellent working environment in1400 m3
* Chinese class every week for the teachers

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Tianjin Awesome Language School





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