URGENT: 1,000 FILIPINO English Tutors needed for Home Based!!!

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Any Country

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To provide standard ESL courses to our Chinese young learners using our online teaching system. The teachers will work from home and clock in the teaching website before the class time, conducting all lessons on their schedule (class table). An excellent working package will be provided to the right candidate depending on overall qualification, fluency in English, teaching ability and educational background.

Job Requirements

> at least 18 years old
> with 3mbps internet connection
> a laptop/desktop with good camera and noise cancellation headset
> available to teach from 7pm to 11pm; 5 days of your choice in a week

Weekly Working Hours

20-30 hours

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2018-08-03 19:26:30

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Accadsoc Limited


Shenzhen , Guangdong



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Over 3000

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within a day


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