English instructor, E-PLUS for K-12 BFSU

Job Location

Haidian District, Beijing, China

Job Status

Work in Office

Job Description

1. Adhering to the mutually agreed-upon work schedule;
2. Planning daily lessons, conducting classes, delivering student assessments and communicating with parents, staff and others as appropriate;
3. Attending other events such as regular teacher training, etc.

Job Requirements

1. Native English speakers (Working visa application required);
2. Age: 18 to 55;
3. Bachelor’s degree or above;
4. Passionate for teaching kids;
5. Willing to work on weekends

Weekly Working Hours

30-40 hours

Monthly Salary


Other Benefits

1. Legal working visa;
2. Basic salary RMB 12,500 before tax per month;
3. Transportation and lunch allowance: around RMB 500 before tax per month;
4. Free accommodation (single bedroom, shared kitchen and bathroom) or housing allowance RMB 3,500 before tax per month;
5. Round-trip flight allowance: RMB 10,000 before tax every contract year;
6. 10-day paid holiday and China’s statutory holidays;
7. Extra teaching-hour bonus: RMB 180/160/140 (in accordance with the teachers’ ranking) before tax per extra teaching hour beyond 70 monthly;
8. Allowance for teaching classes of young kids: RMB 20 before tax per teaching hour for younger stage courses;
9. 100% Transportation expense reimbursement for teaching in different campuses;
10. Medical insurance, free Chinese lessons and team building activities;
11. Free airport pick-up;
12. Bilingual teaching and daily life assistance

Last Updated:

2018-08-03 08:46:59

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School of International Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University





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