ESL Teacher

Job Country Songyuan, Jilin, China
Job Location Work in Office
Job Description 1. Be responsible for teaching English to school students so as to improve their reading,writing and speaking.
2. To prepare and provide classes as required.
3. Accomplish teaching responsibilities under school’s instruction.
4. Participate in the activities organized by school.
Job Requirements 1. Native speaker of English language,university graduated or above.
At least two years of experience in teaching English. English as a second language and love to teach kids so much.
2. TEFL\TESL\TESOL will be employed in priority.
3. The candidate should love teaching,be responsible for and be patient with students,be willing to cooperate with colleagues with good team work spirit.
4. Open-minded and easy-going with great team spirit.
Weekly Working Hours 20 Hours
Hourly Rate $900-$1500
Other Benefits Airfare: Allowance of 6000RMB base on a full year contract.
*Vacation: 4 full weeks of paid vacation (including Chinese national holidays.) upon approval by the school. 2-week holidays normally fall during the months of August and February.
*Accommodation: Fully furnished apartment with appropriate appliances for living comfortably.
*Travel: A bonus vacation of 5-7 days for free travel in China will be offered to foreign teachers completing a 1-year contract.
*Education: Free Chinese lessons 4 times a week
Date Posted:2017-07-17 15:21:26

Dell English School

Location Established Company Size
Songyuan , Jilin 2005 Under 50

Dell English School is the first school in Songyuan to be run by both American and Chinese headmasters, each having a great deal of teaching experience in China. Our school environment is fresh, positive, creative, and boasts a family atmosphere. We have counseled a large number of students, which has resulted in new growth, as well as praise of the students’ guardians. Just this past summer, we hosted a very successful international cultural communication exchange for both Chinese and American students.

If you're looking for something different or a chance to enjoy China, try Songyuan. With four distinct seasons, it offers enjoyable seasonal changes that enhance the natural beauty of the area. Dell English School lies in the heart of Songyuan City, within the Mongolian Autonomous Region, making the area a unique blend of culture, history, and language. The locals are both friendly and courteous. Visitors are welcomed and can enjoy modern Chinese life while still experiencing the rural and non commercialized aspects of the community. Songyuan is still a very Chinese city with no English spoken or advertised; it offers our teachers a unique taste of beautiful northern China.


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