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E-joy English is a responsible English online school in China. Now, both full-time and part-time online English teaching jobs are available. All experienced teachers are welcome to join us.
- Delivering lessons to children and teenagers to improve their English level online via one on one only; - Using the Internet, headphones, video and Skype software to teach English online efficiently and effectively;
Teachers Prepare English lessons before class, conduct the class one on one,
- Evaluate student progress and provide ongoing guidance for improvement of each student .

Job Requirements

-Native English speaker
-University/College Degree
-Quiet area to work
-based computer with at least 2 GB of RAM
-Fast and stable Internet speed
-Proficiency with computers and the Internet
-Headset with a microphone
-At least 3 years Teaching experience
If you do not meet the internet and computer requirements listed above, please do not apply

Weekly Working Hours

10-20 hours

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Other Benefits

Recommend Funbulous to your friends and you get considerable referral incentives — $60 referral fee for every successful referral

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2018-07-11 16:45:49

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