native English teachers 4 literature, history,math,debating,critical thinking,writing, FRENCH too

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Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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Hello teachers,

We are an online language tutoring platform from China. We are looking for native English teachers to teach below subjects:

Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, astronomy)
American history, world history
Social studies
Critical thinking
Debating, Public speaking
Writing (Great Writing from national geography)

FRENCH language too (native French teachers)

You will teach the same students on a regular basis, the students learning these subjects are close to native speaking level, mostly from primary school in Singapore. We will reply on the experienced teachers to teach the above subjects, so if you have developed the course with material/slides, that would be a big plus. Please state what subjects you are good and experienced at teaching.

If you are interested, please attach your CV and a short self-introduction video in English. The video should be between 1 min. and 2 min. long, and you should say something about yourself, your educational background, teaching experience, and your approach to teaching. If you have a recording of your online class and can attach, that would be very helpful for us to prioritize working with you.

ATTENTION: we are also looking for native teachers who will travel to China for teaching in near future, or who are teaching in China now but looking for new opportunity.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.
Hope to talk to you soon,

Job Requirements

1. Native speakers for English or French
2. experienced on teaching online
3. experienced on teaching the said subject
4. active, passionate on teaching
5. good interaction skill with students

Weekly Working Hours

10-20 hours

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JiangHu Education


Guangzhou , Guangdong



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Under 50

Response rate within 30 days

Less than 10%


a month ago


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