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Talkbene is an online school that brings experienced, qualified teachers and English learners together. We are dedicated to providing quality classes to anyone who chooses English as his other language through tailored and innovating teaching methodologists.

If you want to get more information, please send your resume, Skype account and 2-minute self introduction video recording to Email: ***

Teacher’s primary responsibilities:
- Preparing for 1-to-1 online VIDEO classes, especially can handle the KIDS ENGLISH.
- Can work for 8 hours a day, available after 6pm (Beijingtime)
- Doing corrections and conducting effective instruction during the classes
- Have good interaction with students during the classes

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:
- Preferrably with American or British accent
- Patient and can manage to have classes with any age group
- Have a reliable environment with stable power supply and internet connection
- Energetic, patient, responsible and cheerful
- with Kid's English teaching experience or Certificate is preferred but not required

Weekly Working Hours

30-40 hours

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