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>Minimum 30 teaching hours commitment 5 days per week during 8:30 am to 11:00pm (Beijing Time)
>Teach young kids aged 5-18 years old online and also adults from different levels.
>Mainly helping students improve their listening and speaking skills.
>Teach about IELTS and TOEFL exams.
>Conversational based teaching according to our teaching materials or students' specific requests.
>Willing to participate in organized training sessions and seminars.
>Add the Skype account to get further info. Skype ID:db0d32db3e9d357e

Job Requirements

> At least 25 years old.
> Native English Speakers ONLY.
>Stable electricity and internet
>With at least 5mbps internet connection.
>A laptop/desktop with good camera and noise cancellation headset.
>Available to teach from 7pm to 11pm Beijing Time; 5 days of your choice in a week
>Must work on weekend Evenings.

Weekly Working Hours

20-30 hours

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2019-09-04 15:15:29

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Tracy's Class


Shenzhen , Guangdong



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