Community Manager Beijing (Customer Service & Event Management)

Job Location

Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Job Status

Work in Office

Job Description

The Community Manager is responsible for center atmosphere and event management. He/She is the primary point of contact for the community and acts as the “face” of WSE. The Community Manager will work with both service and operations teams to jointly create a vivid, welcoming space for students and prospects which reflects the WSE brand and company values.


1. Greeting /Point of Contact

-Be the first and last point of contact for students and staff
-Cover the front desk during business hours
-Greet and welcome prospects and students
-Greet people who come in for tours, track walk-ins, schedule tours, and send confirmation emails
-Assist Customer Service Assistants to prepare and distribute promotional materials to prospects
-Answer “walk-up” student questions or refer inquirer to additional resources

2. Student Management

-Work on community initiatives designed to develop connections between students, including student introductions, event support, email and print communications
-Be active with WSE centers around the city; know all of the related events happening in other learning centers
-Solve student issues to ensure a cohesive community

3. Events and Community Management

-Make posters for events
-Assist with set-up and breakdown of events, including ordering food and beverages
-Prepare monthly newsletters to distribute internally and externally
-Assist new staff members settle into the center
-Ensuring the building is clean and well kept
-Ordering consumables
-Submit event receipts to the Service Manager for expense reports
-Identify issues for escalation to the Service Manager in order to document accordingly

Job Requirements

-A passport from an English Native Speaking country (United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland) is a MUST.
-Bachelor's Degree;
-2 year of full-time managment experience with reference letters required;
-Must have strong verbal and written communication skills;
-Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills;
-Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy;
-Passion for building communities of learners;
-Passion and understanding for WSE’s mission and values;
-Proficient in basic computer skills, with design skills a plus;
-The ability to work independently as well as part of a team;

Weekly Working Hours

30-40 hours

Monthly Salary


Other Benefits

1. 20,000 - 22,000 RMB base slary depends on location & experience plus bonus.
2. Z work visa and resident permit provided. Agency assistance for working (Z) Visa application.
3. Full coverage medical insurance through our insurance provider Pingan Medical.
4. Up to 10 days hotel stay provided upon arrival.
5. You get to choose where to live! We provide the assistance with finding accommodation.
6. 11 days of Chinese national holidays plus 10 days of paid leave.
7. Mandarin Chinese lessons for beginners. Highly recommended.
8. New hire training, plus ongoing seminars and workshops.
9. Career development opportunities.
10. Possible relocation to new city, center or country.
11. Visa process and medical check reimbursement.
12. Student and staff referral bonus system.
13. Airport Pickup.

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2019-08-07 16:25:59

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