F/T Kids English teacher in Changsha, China $3000-3500 month/work visa 20 teaching hrs/week

Job Location

Changsha, Hunan, China

Job Status

Work in Office

Job Description

Real Education Academy is a fully licensed private training school authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, we can provide legal Z work visa to qualified teachers.

We are located in the city of Changsha, China, the capital city of Hunan Province with over 8 million population. Our slogan is "Speak like a native" and we stay true to it. We provide the highest possible education for our students. Each of our classes has a maximum of 8 students so instructors may provide individual attention for the each student to refine and sharpen grammatically and verbally. We have students from ages 3 to 20 plus. Working with this well established school private training school is a great opportunity for both new and experienced ESL instructors. New teachers can be trained in a professional environment, while experienced teachers can look towards advancement with this fast growing company.

Currently, many Chinese parents have sent their children overseas. The huge demand in China will inevitably give room to expand for organizations such as ours; this will offer subsequent opportunities for career development for any committed and competent educational professionals wishing to teach in China.

1. Preparing class and delivering class in accordance to our curriculum
2. Students: kids, teenagers, university students, and businessmen
3. Class supervision and accurate student records of performance
4. Preparation of timely student reports
5. Attendance at parent/teacher meetings staff meetings and other promotional events from time to time required
6. Other assigned duties as required by the director to ensure the smooth functioning of the working unit (detention duty)
7. Participate and organize extra curricular activities
8. Provide references and letters and certain counseling duties.

Job Requirements

Native English speakers from (UK/US/CAN/AUS/NZ/SA/IRE) ONLY
Native English speakers from (UK/US/CAN/AUS/NZ/SA/IRE) ONLY
Native English speakers from (UK/US/CAN/AUS/NZ/SA/IRE) ONLY

1. Bachelor degree of above in the relevant content subject being taught
2. Two or more years teaching experience in an academic institution
3. A recognized teaching diploma/certificate (TESOL/TEFL/CELTA)
4. Be patient, positive, outgoing, and be passionately committed to teaching
5. Good communication skills and interaction with students and parents
6. An understanding and commitment to being a team player
7. No criminal records
8. Under 50 years old

Weekly Working Hours

30-40 hours

Monthly Salary


Other Benefits

Room Type : Private apartment
Flight Allowance: up to 800USD by the end of the contract
Work visa: provided
Accident n Health insurance: provided
Pre-job training: provided

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan province which is located in central China, videos about this city:


With low living costs here in Changsha you can save up to USD2000 a month out of your salary.

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2019-08-31 14:27:31

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