Part-time K12 online ESL Teachers Needed

Job Location

Any Country

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Job Description

Fixed Schedule
Working hours:at least 6 hours, 3 businesses days per week
Online English Teaching kids from 4 years old to 14 years old
Class Type: One on one and one on two
Class Time: 25 mins for demo and 30 mins for regular
Bonus: 1USD for emergency covering classes
30USD for successfully recommending new tutors
Incentives: 0.1USD for correcting each mistake in our material
Location: anywhere with a computer, a headset and high-speed internet

Job Requirements

1. Native speakers from England,Canada, America
2. 1 year of online English Teaching Experience
3. Tesol or Teffol certificated
4. Bachlor degree at least

Weekly Working Hours

10-20 hours

Hourly Rate


Other Benefits

1 USD for emergency covering classes
30 USD for successfully recommending new tutors
0.1 USD for correcting each mistake in our material

Last Updated:

2019-07-02 21:19:04

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Hangzhou Yiheng Education Technology Company Limited


Hangzhou , Zhejiang



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Less than 10%


within 2 days


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