Job Location

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Job Status

Work in Office

Job Description

Our client is one of the most recognized language schools in China. Nearly 300 foreign teachers are currently teaching at the schools. Teachers can start working any time in a year due to high volume needs.

Location: Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen

*Contract: 1 year
*Class size: 10 to 15 students
*Students age: 3~12 years old
*40 working hours per week, includes office hours and about 20~30 teaching hours

Job Requirements

1. Speaks English at an idiomatic level and a passport holder of the recognized countries by Chinese government due to the visa application(USA/Canada/UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa) required.
2. Bachelor degree or above is a must
3. At least a year practical teaching experience preferred
4. TESOL, TESL or TEFL would be a plus but not essential
Please send your resume and recent picture to Larry(***)

Weekly Working Hours

30-40 hours

Monthly Salary


Other Benefits

1. Starts from CNY 20,000 per month.
2. Health Insurance
3. Airfare reimbursement/Annual completion bonus
4. CNY 5,000 Interest-Free Setup Loan
5. 15 days free accommodation
6. Multiple career development opportunities
7. Paid vacations
8. One-week paid training
9. Free TEFL course
10. Free Chinese lessons
11. On-going training
12. Start up assistance
13. Better bonus if you stay for more than one year

Last Updated:

2019-04-15 18:06:13

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Lie Jun Network Technology(Beijing)Co., Ltd.





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