Part-time online English Teacher Group Class

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Any Country

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Job Description

Job Responsibilities:
-Teach provided course material to classes via an online platform. Enrich the lives of Chinese students with the use of English language.
-Apply progressive teaching principles to Chinese students.
• 1V1 (Private one on one session with a VIP student)
• 1V5 (Quality one on few student class)
• 1VClass (Work directly with an in-class teacher to execute a session with about 15 – 30 students)
-Establish and enforce rules of proper study habits students can utilize after class for continuous improvement

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:
-Neutral accent in English, excellent communication skills
-Native English Speakers

-Good (wired) internet connection with at least 10 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed.
-Proper lighting
-A clean background
-Headphones with microphone capability
-Working web camera.

Education Requirement:
-Undergraduate or at least attained Higher Education
-Graduates of English or Education major are not required but preferred
-English Teaching Certificates like TESOL, TEFL, CELTA are not required but preferred
-English teaching experience not required but is preferred

Weekly Working Hours

10-20 hours

Hourly Rate


Other Benefits

What we can offer:
-Set your own availability. Work a flexible schedule. Choose the times you would like to work!

-Work from home or remotely anywhere with access to internet. (No commute, more personal time with your friends and family.)

-$10 USD base pay for every 30 minute class (at least $20 USD per hour starting pay rate)

-Extra monthly incentives

-Teachers will be provided with constant support and resources from CivaTutor in this online teaching community including a step by step training guide, readymade lesson plans, visual demos, and a team ready to help with any questions or concerns. CivaTutor is your access to working when YOU want all while enriching the lives of others!

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2019-05-19 17:34:31

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