Teaching in Public Schools in Hangzhou, China (18 hours/week)

Job Location

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Job Status

Work in Office

Job Description

Employment Package
1. The time the employment contract be offered: before arrival
Contract time one year (from March1st, 2018 to January 31st, 2019)
2. Working place: on campus
3. Boarding: On/Off campus Un/shared apartment for most teachers.
4. Workload: Maximum hours: 80 teaching hours per month (with most public schools around 16-classes per week in reality, and one class is equal to 45 minutes)
5. The time to get salary: the fifteenth on the following month
Personal Monthly Income (RMB yuan): A full package of salary including monthly salary, meal, accommodation, allowances for international air ticket, medical insurance and so on.
(1) RMB 8,000-16,000 for kindergarten/primary school/middle school/ high school/ college/ university oral English teachers
(2) RMB 15,000-20,000 for teachers of International courses (IB, A-level, ACT, SAT, AP etc.)
(3) RMB 8,000-17,000 for teachers of elective courses like music, dance, painting, football, computer, western food etc
(4) RMB 8,000-16,000 teachers of minority languages like German, French, Spanish etc.
(5) Airfare Reimburse RMB5000 on the completion of one-year contract.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree (or up) holder.
2. At least two years full time teaching experiences after bachelor graduation.
3. Nationality: USA, UK ,Canada ,Australian ,New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland
Others if the candidate is highly-qualified.
Age: 25-60.
4. Language: English, Spanish, German or French.
5. Other teaching certificate preferable: TEFL, TESOL, or in other subject like music, art, PE, football, computer, western food etc.


• Planning and delivering lessons to learners.
• Using electronic media and courseware to teach English efficiently and effectively
• Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement
• Participating in social activities with students organized by your school

Weekly Working Hours

10-20 hours

Monthly Salary


Other Benefits

Accommodation or Housing Stipend
Flight reimbursement: Provided (3000-5000RMB)
Visa Application Assistance (Z visa)
Health Insurance Provided
Free internet
Free Chinese training and life guidance
Airport Pickup
Paid holidays
Weekends off

Thank you & Best Regards

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2019-03-12 13:14:26

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