WARNING! 22-28 USD/hour! highly paid flexible online English tutors for kids needed

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Any Country

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Job Description

Work schedule:
Below are all shown in Beijing Time (GMT+8)
Availability within the times shown below would be required.
Mon -- Fri: Availability between 6pm-9pm
Sat -- Sun: Availability between 8am-9pm
minimum 8 classes among these time slots per week, no maximum
•Teaching 1-on-3 ESL lessons online to Chinese kids 6-11yrs old
•40-minutes per lesson
•Teaching assistant provided
•Working from anywhere with a computer and stable Internet connection
•Pre-job training and on-job training provided
• provided all the curriculum, so our teachers can be more focused on teaching

Job Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree or above(must)
•Native Speaker of English( US,UK,Canada, Australia only)
•TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate obtained or willing to obtain (must)
•At least 1 year teaching experience in K-12, or ESL experience for any age
•Punctual, good communication skills and easy-going
•A well-balanced, flexible and adaptable nature
•A demonstrated respect of the values, cultural differences and expectations of the Chinese parents

Weekly Working Hours


Hourly Rate


Other Benefits

•$22 - $28/hour according to qualifications
•Free Chinese learning courses
•Stepped promotion path with salary raise
anyone interested please add our skype: live:connectbeijing01

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2019-04-15 14:41:23

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