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Apply to the email: ***

1. your resume.

2. a self introduction video

Requirements of self-introduction video:

1.Basic information: full name, age, educational background, nationaility, where stay in now.
2.Teaching experience: How many years. Students group (how old were the students). Teaching online or offline.Tutoring experience
3.Teaching features: Using TPR or some other teaching skills.body Language etc.
4.Make it within 1 to 2 minutes.


China Beijing time:
1. Monday-Sunday: 8am-3pm (group class) 5pm to 10pm
2. Saturday-Sunday: 8am-10pm
(You can work full time or part time, at least teach for 2 days per week, 2hours per day, more time available, more classes will be arranged.)

1. one on one
2. one on four
3. one on group


Hourly rate: 15-22 dollars per hour with bonus

Job Requirements

1.A quiet and light room, a high speed internet connection,and fast operating computer are required for the position.

2.Candidates must be able to speak fluently and clearly.

3.Candidates with experience of teaching or tutoring students are preferred.

4.Bachlor degree preferred.

5.TEFL/TESOL preferred.

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Hourly Rate


Other Benefits

bonus with perfect attendance and excellent feedback

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2018-10-15 15:58:14

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