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At the forefront of international education and cultural exchange, Can-Achieve initiates CanGoChina as its key global talent recruitment center, striving to deliver full-scale services to perfectly match Chinese educational programs with outstanding foreign teachers. CanGoChina’s team, members of Can-Achieve’s New York branch located in the heart of Time Square, are well-trained professionals with backgrounds in education or related fields who are devoted to match the best and brightest talents with the most valuable opportunities. CanGoChina’s team consists of recruiting specialists with years of industry or functional expertise working alongside academic team with recognizable strong working knowledge. Utilizing Can-Achieve’s vast resources and working closely with the headquarter on this broadening global strategy, CanGoChina recruits only high-quality teaching talents directly from U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand and prepares teachers for future teaching careers in China with academic appraisal, pre-departure training and on-going support. CanGoChina is committed to bridge the world with China, and our ultimate vision is to foster global citizenship and provide quality education on a global scale.

Company Jobs
High School Math and Science Teacher
$2300     $5000 /month   - Work in Office, Beijing, China

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