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CLASS100 is an award-winning online education company based in China. Since its inception, CLASS100 has enjoyed tremendous expansion and advancements in technology and has received lavish praise for its service. Partnering primarily with public schools, CLASS100 has enabled itself to provide a quality English education to a huge number of students in China. And most schools and our students are in remote areas in China where they do not enjoy the same educational resources than those in big cities.

If you are looking for English teaching positions in China, teaching with CLASS100 is guaranteed to be a truly rewarding and exciting experience. CLASS100 simply provides the best technical and academic support, materials and a very comfortable working environment.

Company Jobs
Online ESL English Teacher
$16     $23 /hour   - Telecommuting, New York, United States
home based teachers
$16     $22 /hour   - Telecommuting, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Online ESL English Teacher--Work from Home (Remote)
$16     $22 /hour   - Telecommuting, New York, United States
home based teachers
$16     $19 /hour   - Telecommuting, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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