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udou.children's English comes from California, USA, and has a strong American style. In 2011, uncle Sam's children's English project came into China. We are committed to providing quality services and one-stop educational solutions for children aged 3-12 to make English the second mother tongue of their children. Diversified activities, enrich the classroom content each lesson contains can stimulate children's interest in learning songs, dances, games, dialogues and other activities. The needs of domestic children aged 3-12 can be covered by a wide range of learning contents. The layered infiltration teaching method is based on oral and listening comprehension. It can increase students'cognition of English through reading, progressively. Now, more than 500 direct and authorized training centers have been set up throughout the country.

Company Jobs
training center English foreign teacher wanted
$1500     $2800 /month   - Work in Office, Shanghai, China
China,training center English foreign teacher wanted
$1800     $2800 /month   - Work in Office, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

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