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Hangzhou , Zhejiang 2016 50-100 Less than 10% a month ago

98kid TUTOR” and-98kid under Hangzhou Jiuban Education & Technology Co., Ltd., an education institution. providing Online English Services to Chinese students under its account 98kid, with office address at Room 901, Building NO.5, TianHe High Tech Industrial Park, No. 688 Bin’an Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province ,China, represented by its Account Leader, (Head of 98kid PROJECT), hereinafter referred to as “98kid”;

WHEREAS, TUTOR provides Chinese Young Learner·s with the best possible online English learning experience from beginning to end, using the platform provided by 98kid, curriculum prepared by 98kid , and a friendly and relaxing atmosphere conducive to learning.WHEREAS, 98kid is committing to provide its employees with a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth, concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every 98kid student.

Company Jobs
K-12 Online ESL Tutor Needed
$14     $24 /hour   - Telecommuting
K-12 Online ESL Tutor Needed
$17     $28 /hour   - Telecommuting
Online English Tutor for Kids
$17     $27 /hour   - Telecommuting

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