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Liulishuo is the world’s leading AI-driven education technology company. It was jointly established in September 2012 by Yi Wang, a former Google product manager who received his PhD in CS from Princeton University, together with his two co-founders, Ben Hu and Hui Lin. Liulishuo is headquartered in Shanghai with our AI lab based in Silicon Valley. Powered by an industry-leading AI technology team, Liulishuo is making English learning more efficient by using AI technology and NLP to provide individualized and adaptive learning to each user.
Liulishuo has accumulated more than 50 million users and over 600K paid users from 379 cities in China and over 175 countries around the world. It was awarded as one of Apple's annual "Selected Apps" and "Apps Essence". Liulishuo has the world's largest speech corpus for Chinese people learning English, the most advanced speech recognition technology developed in-house and the most active language learning community in China.
In July 2016, after 2-years of research and significant investment, Liulishuo introduced the leading AI tutor, called "Dong Ni Ying Yu" (tutor that understands you). It is proven to triple the learning efficiency (reduce the required learning time to one third) compared to human teachers by CEFR standards

Company Jobs
Online English Teacher (Home-based)
$15     $20 /hour   - Telecommuting
Online ESL Teacher (Home-based)
$13     $18 /hour   - Telecommuting
【Remote】Part-time Online English Tutor for Adults
$13     $18 /hour   - Telecommuting
【Remote】Part-time Online English Tutor for Adults
$14     $18 /hour   - Telecommuting
English Content Creator
$2000     $4500 /month   - Work in Office, Shanghai, China
English Teacher
$1500     $2500 /hour   - Work in Office, Shanghai, China

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