Chinese name: 白山市

Population: 1,271,000 (2013)

Area: 17,485 k㎡ (Total)

Elevation: 471 m (1,545 ft)

Airport: 1

Train station: 3



Baishan (Chinese: 白山; pinyin: Báishān) is a prefecture-level city in Jilin province of the People's Republic of China. "白山" literally means "White Mountain", and is named after Changbai Mountain (Chinese: 长白山; pinyin: Chángbái Shān, also known as Paektu Mountain (Korean: 백두산)).

Baishan is to be granted the title of China International Mineral Water City. In Baishan is the Baishan Dam.



In 1902, Qing imperial government set up the Linjiang County in today's Baishan region. During the Manchukuo period, Linjiang county was under the jurisdiction of Tonghua. In March 1959, Jilin provincial government promoted Linjiang County to a county-level city and renamed it as Hunjiang City, which is still under the administration of Tonghua Prefecture. In 1985, Hunjiang City developed into a prefecture-level city, administerring three districts and three counties including Fusong, Jingyu and Changbai. The city was renamed to Baishan in April, 1994 with the approval of the State of Council.


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