Chinese name: 忻州市

Population: 3,155,300 (2016)

Area: 25,180 km² (Prefecture-level city)

Elevation: 790 m

Airport: 1

Train station: 1



Xinzhou (Chinese: 忻州; pinyin: Xīnzhōu) is a prefecture-level city occupying the north-central section of Shanxi province, People's Republic of China.


Xinzhou has numerous public schools, including Xin Zhou Yi Zhong Xue (Xin Zhou Number One High School), which is considered the most prestigious of public high schools in the region.

Another public high school of interest is the nearby laboratory high school. It functions as an extension of the Xin Zhou Teacher's University. A third type of high school is the Xin Zhou Shi Yan Zhong Xue (Xin Zhou Experimental High School). This school was initiated as a public-private partnership. The school is partially funded by the Chinese government, follows national educational standards, and maintains close ties (and even joint faculty) with Xin Zhou Yi Zhong Xue; however, it maintains a greater independence from the government than traditional public schools. The experimental school also runs a small primary school program (generally only one class per grade level) which is populated almost exclusively by the children of Yi Zhong Xue and Shi Yan Zhong Xue faculty members.