Chinese name: 嘉兴市

Population: 4,585,000 (2015)

Area: 4,008.76 km² (Prefecture-level city)

Elevation: 3.7 m (Average)

Airport: 1

Train station: 2

Website: http://www.jiaxing.gov.cn/

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiaxing

Jiaxing (Chinese: 嘉兴; pinyin: Jiāxīng; Wu: Gāshīng [kɑɕiŋ]) is a prefecture-level city in northern Zhejiang province, China. Lying on the Grand Canal of China, Jiaxing borders Hangzhou to the southwest, Huzhou to the west, Shanghai to the northeast, and the province of Jiangsu to the north. At the 2010 census, its population was 4,501,657 and its built-up area made of 2 urban districts was home to 1,201,882 inhabitants.

Jiaxing system began in Qin Dynasty and has a history of more than two thousand years. Jiaxing since ancient times as a prosperous and rich land, known as the "land of plenty", "Silk City" reputation, is a national historical and cultural city, city, civilization Chinese China full support model city, China model green city, China excellent tourist city and national garden city, the national first batch of pilot City, the first batch of sponge city construction of national new urbanization comprehensive pilot area .Not only to the beautiful scenery of the prestigious, but also because of China first National Congress of the Communist Party here concluded successfully and highly anticipated, China is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China, has become an important modern history to commemorate the revolution.


Known as a place
Spring and Autumn period: Jiaxing is known as Zuili (Drunken Plums) and is an important city in the state of Yuè.
Known as a county
210 BC: Qin Shi Huang changed the name of Jiaxing from Changshui District (長水縣) to Youquan (由拳縣).
231: Wild rice (野稻) of Jiaxing informed Sun Quan of the Kingdom of Wu that there was a sign of auspice, so Sun changed Youchuan to Hexing District (禾興縣). This why Jiaxing's abbreviation is He. Sun also changed his era name to Jiahe (嘉禾) in the following year.
January 242: Sun He was made the crown prince. Because of the naming taboo, Jiahe was changed to Jiaxing.
Known as a prefecture[edit]
938: (Later Jin of the Five Dynasties): Xiu Prefecture (秀州) established
1117: (Song Dynasty): Jiahe District (嘉禾郡)
1429: (Ming Dynasty): Xiushui District (秀水縣) was established northwest of Jiaxing.
Early 1900s (the Republic of China): Xiushui and Jiaxing were combined into Jiahe County
1914: Reverted to Jiaxing County (because there's a Jiahe in Hunan)
1921: Communist Party of China founded at the South Lake in Jiaxing.
1949 − 1958, 1979 (PRC): Upgraded to a city[clarification needed]
1981: Old Jiaxing County merged into the city
1983: Upgraded to prefecture-level city