Chinese name: 宿迁市

Population: 4,879,000 (2016)

Area: 8,555 km² (Prefecture-level city)

Elevation: 2.8-71.2 m

Airport: 1

Train station: 2



Suqian (simplified Chinese: 宿迁; traditional Chinese: 宿遷; pinyin: Sùqiān, IPA: [sû.tɕʰjɛ́n]) is a prefecture-level city in northern Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China. It borders Xuzhou to the northwest, Lianyungang to the northeast, Huai'an to the south, and the province of Anhui to the west.

Suqian is the youngest prefecture level city in Jiangsu province. It ranks among the top 100 cities above the Chinese level. The GDP per capita is 7000 US dollars, which reaches the level of middle and upper income countries. The gross domestic product (GDP) of Suqian reached 235 billion 112 million yuan in 2016.

Suqian famous tourist attractions in Wang's hometown, Luoma Lake and Hongze Lake wetland. It's an excellent tourist city, a national garden city, a national health city, a financial ecological city of China, a new demonstration city of environmental protection and energy saving, and a civilized city in the whole country.

Suqian is Chinese wine, the Yanghe River, the two wines produced in the shuanggou. In August 2012, the China Light Industry Federation and the Chinese Wine Industry Association awarded the title of "the capital of Chinese liquor" in Suqian.